Survey On the Hazard Mitigation Plan

NEED YOUR HELP with the Hazard Mitigation Plan Public Survey

So What is It? 

It’s a comprehensive strategy designed to reduce the impact of potential hazards and minimize the risks they pose to our community.  

How will it assist?

The plan is intended to serve as a roadmap for identifying, assessing, and prioritizing hazards, as well as outlining specific actions to mitigate their effects. 

The plan will identify vulnerabilities and will implement appropriate measures.  All communities and organizations can better prepare themselves for potential disasters, enhance their resilience, and ensure a safer and more sustainable future for all. 

FEMA is requesting public participation.  Your time will be key in providing input for the Plan. 

Please take 10 minutes to take the survey and share with family and friends.   The link below will take you to the survey.  Thank you for helping develop the plan.

Survey image 1