Discontinue Water Service

Requests to discontinue service are handled by the Finance Department and should be directed to that department. Requests can be submitted no earlier than two weeks in advance. You may submit your request by calling (254) 953-5630, emailing [email protected] or in person to the Finance Department at City hall, 305 Miller’s Crossing.Requirements to Discontinue Service

    • Name of account holder
    • Service Address
    • One of the following identifications of account holder:
          Last four digits of social security 
          Driver’s License or government issued ID
    • Requests submitted ahead of time, are to include discontinued service date
    • Forwarding address for your final bill 
Refund of Deposit

If you have a deposit on file, it will be credited to your final bill and any remaining balance will be forwarded to you. Customers are financially responsible for all utility accounts (water, sewer and garbage service) charges until the Finance Department is notified to close the account.

Additional Information

If additional information is needed or there are questions remaining, please contact the Finance Department at (254) 953-5630 or by email at [email protected] as well as visiting the Finance Department located in City Hall, 305 Miller’s Crossing.