04/11/2024 Public Notice - Fiber

Ubiquity has begun the next phase of their Fiber Installation projects in Harker Heights. Below is a map for the currently released areas of construction, with the impacted areas boundary shown in light pink. Be aware that there already may be other fiber utilities working in this same area. The phases and areas are determined by each individual utility company. The projects are not necessarily constructed in numerical or geographical order. As a reminder, the City is not contracted to install fiber in our community. Each fiber company is an independent utility, similar to Oncor and Atmos. There are currently six fiber companies permitted to work within the City’s public utility easements and street right of way. The City does not control the timeline nor contractors for these fiber installations. Please know that Ubiquity may have construction projects in different parts of the City through the end of 2025.

Residents in the impacted area will see flags in their yard starting to appear. It is important to leave those public utility flags in place because they show the location and type of existing utilities that are located underground. This is done for the safety of the workers and to minimize disruption of your utility services.

All of Ubiquity’s work will be done in the Public Right-of-Way, within public utility easements, or within private easements with the landowner’s consent. Please note that the existing public utility easements may be in your back yard, side yard or front yard. Some of their work will be above ground and some will be beneath ground. Ubiquity will place door hangers in the neighborhoods where they will be working. Specific questions regarding repair of yards and private infrastructure (water service, sewer service, irrigation lines) after construction can be directed to Ubiquity’s Contractor at 844-322-2524.

Permit Area Map