To provide the citizens of Harker Heights high-quality potable water and to deliver uninterrupted flow of water and adequate pressure in the requisite quantities while protecting their health and welfare.

Maintenance & Repairs:
Monday - Friday 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM Call (254) 953-5649
After Hours Emergency Call (254) 681-6779

Water Distribution-

In 1997, the City entered into an agreement with WCID #1 to increase its daily treated maximum use from 3.506 million gallons per day (MGD) to 9.0 MGD.Based on the 2006 Water Master Plan, a daily treated water Maximum of 11.07 MGD is projected for the year 2020. On May 22, 2007, the City Council authorized a resolution to participate in a minor plant upgrade at the WCID #1 Water Plant that increased the City of Harker Heights Daily treated water maximum to 13.5 MGD.

On April 1, 2006 the City signed a water supply agreement with the Brazos River Authority to increase our raw water supply in Lake Belton from 5,265 acre-feet (1,715,605,515 gallons) to 8,500 acre-feet (2,769,725,000 gallons).On June 1, 2006 the city signed a water supply agreement with the Brazos River Authority for 300 acre-feet (97,755,000 gallons) of raw water in Lake Stillhouse Hollow.The execution of these agreements insures Harker Heights will have adequate water well into the future.

The 2006 Water Master Plan provides a recommended capital improvements plan for water system infrastructure for the 20 years study period.The totals for the projects are prioritized as follows:

  • Priority 1 Capital Improvement Projects (0-5 years):Seven projects totaling $7,266,300.
  • Priority 2 Capital Improvement projects (5-10 years): Six projects totaling $3,128,700.
  • Priority 3 Capital Improvement Projects (10-20 years):Four projects totaling $2,171,050.

In 2010, the City used 1,513,252,000 gallons of water, with an average of 4.1 million gallons through approximately 171 miles of water mains each day.The City can also store approximately 5.0 million gallons of water at a given time. The city’s per capita use for 2010 was 155 gallons per day.

Be assured that the City of Harker heights is prepared and is able to provide its citizens with a high quality of potable water while protecting health and welfare for many years to come.

The City has passed a Water Conservation Plan to encourage efficient use of water by its residents and businesses. To request information or learn more about the contents of this Plan you can read them on line by clicking on the following link: Water Conservation Plan, or please call City Hall at (254) 953-5649 or by email [email protected].

Objectives for Improvement-

  • To have a system that can be operated continually at its peak capacity during high use periods without affecting customer service.
  • Identify maximum demand rates required to provide adequate fire protection and replace water lines insufficient to handle required flow.
  • Identify and replace all lines that are too small and that are of substandard material.
  • Expand the water system as required by the development of the City.
  • Replace water lines that are obsolete, not embedded properly, are deteriorated, do not function properly, and cannot be fully utilized.
  • Reduce the amount of lost water.
  • Provide adequate storage to provide continuous operation 24 hours a day.
  • Computer modeling of the distribution system for planning future improvement projects.

Means to Reach Objectives-

  • Reinforce the distribution system.
  • Develop a valve turning program that insures the operation of every valve in addition to accurate locating of valves by referencing to permanent landmarks and adding to our GIS system.
  • Develop a standard uniformity of materials such as pipes, valves, fire hydrants, meters, etc.
  • Insure proper spacing of hydrants in the distribution system.
  • Make an analysis of information collected to determine what system deficiencies can be repaired.

Can the Water Department assist me with-

  • Water line locates- The City only locates City water mains. For water line locates on your property (from your meter to your house), you will need to contact a plumber.
  • Low water pressure problems- Yes. There are a number of causes of low water pressure. Please call the Water Department at the number below, and we will be happy to attempt to isolate the source of your low water pressure problem. During normal business hours (Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM), please call (254) 953-5649. After hours please call 681-6779.

What is in my water?- The City is required by the 1996 Safe Drinking Water Act to develop a Consumer Confidence Report is now available to the public. The 2023 Annual Drinking Water Report includes information on the water source, regulated and unregulated contaminants, special health effects language, and information on protecting water quality.