The City of Harker Heights is pleased to announce the implementation of a new “eblast” subscription service, GovDelivery.  “This new service allows us to efficiently share news, action alerts, event notices, and updates in a timely fashion – all delivered directly to your email inbox or by text-message notifications”. States Assistant City Manager, Jerry Bark.  

In our ongoing effort to stay connected with residents and visitors, the City of Harker Heights uses several tools to provide timely information about meetings, community events, construction projects, emergency notifications, and other important news and alerts.   The City’s transition to GovDelivery is part of this larger effort to connect and curate information access for our community and to tailor this information by topic and how you wish to receive it. 

With this new eblast service you can determine which types of information items you receive; password protect your subscriptions and preferences, change your email address, or remove yourself at any time by accessing your Subscription Preference page.  “We hope you will find it useful to have the ability to customize your eblasts based upon your particular interests in the City programs and services.”

So, don’t miss out on the City of Harker Heights information that matters to you.  Sign up at HARKER HEIGHTS STAY INFORMED today!

Please note that GovDelivery is a separate system, changes made by you on GovDelivery will not be reflected on your online utility accounts, permit now, or CivicRec accounts.     

City Manager Updates

What a great City we have here in Harker Heights!  Your City Council puts the needs of citizens first in all they do.  Your City staff’s full desire is to serve you and serve you well.  The City’s Vision is as follows:  Providing public services that empower people to focus on what matters most:  their goals, hopes and dreams.  Our Vision is one that sits on the horizon.  By horizon, I mean it is one that we will never fully achieve, but we will serve better every day as we strive to meet it.  We are passionate about service.  It is one of the core things we look for during our hiring process.

With such a great team serving, I often receive kudos from citizens, visitors, businesses, and even other government agencies about service our employees provide.  Since I became City Manager in 2014, I have provided a monthly update to our employees that I simply title “City Manager Updates.”   In these updates I share some brief observations on service, updates on major events, and a listing of the kudos that I have received on our employees.  These updates have traditionally been shared with all our employees, City Council, Chamber of Commerce, City Attorney, and the Killeen Daily Herald. 

I am so proud of our employees and their hearts for service.  We have such a professional and caring team that serve us well.  To honor their dedication and service, I am excited that we will now provide these updates out to our citizens through our social media and website.  Join me each month as we together applaud these fine public servants for all they do!

David Mitchell
City Manager